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i hope the new ui gets fixed for older graphics cards, especially the shop.

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Senior Member


but it affects the champion panel as well. all item slots are blank black squares some are red or green instead depending on if the item coloration is red or green. the background on the windows are clear. it is very difficult to navigate the shop like this, and i can not quickly see what items my allies and enemies have.

also anytime there is a kill i can not buy or sell or get any pop up for item descriptions till the pop up for who killed who disappears from the right side of my screen.

i have run the repair tool and it did not fix this.

my graphic card drivers are up to date.

windows xp has had latest windows update.

I am using a nvidia geforce 7600 GT graphics card

cpu is amd athalon xp 2800+

2 gig ram

im sure there are many like me running the game on an older system, and i hope some fixes can go through before this hits live.

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I have an older computer, new UI did the same thing to me to. I mean I like how its organized, but that does me now good when i cant see the items, the sell button..or well anything in the shop basicly. Just makes it one big hassle to play.