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Shoutcaster LF Events!

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Hey guys, I'm a fairly new shoutcaster and am looking for events to cast for you. I'll do any and all events I can. I am just mainly looking to get my name out there and expect no forms of payment. If you have any questions feel free to message me in-game, IGN: Pureedemise, email me at [email]puredemisegaming@yahoo.com[/email], or reply to this thread! Thanks to all who respond,

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Senior Member


Hey Puree, if you would like to, Tower Dive TV has an open place for 1 PBP and 2 Color Casters, send us an e-mail, [email]TowerDiveTV@yahoo.com[/email], with details for:

- Your Experience/Recorded Experience.
- Times you are available.
- Skype + Summoner Name
- Casting Preferences (Color/PBP/Either)
- Time/Day you would be available for an interview.

Thank you and we look forward to a reply.

-TDTV Head Admin