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Suggestion to further curtail verbal abuse and other chat trolling.

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I think defaulting all chat to off was a HUGE win for making the game a more pleasant place to play. I have a suggestion which I think will make it possible to limit or eliminate even on-team chat without sacrificing crucial in-game coordination.

We already have two types of pings, one is fallback (danger) and the other is presumably move up (attack). By allowing players to click and drag to draw an arrow of either of these two types, I think it would be simple to effectively communicate an MIA or RE and even add the direction of departure or arrival when it's known. This adds more information than a quick chat acronym, keeps the hand on the mouse for smoother play, and arrows should be easily understood even by new players, whereas acronyms have to be explained for the new. Most importantly, now there's nothing left that's critical to gameplay that can't be effectively discussed with the swipe of a mouse, eliminating the need for the freeform chat that so many players abuse to belittle and insult their teammates.

So now that in-team chat is non-critical, what to do with it? I suggest first, an option to turn it off so that players who suffer abuse can opt out entirely. Second, there's the possibility for the tribunal to use chat mute specifically for this type of infraction, on either a temporary or permanent basis for the offending account. Finally, I'd suggest that chat mutes be placed automatically for reports of verbal abuse until the tribunal reviews the reports.

On that last, you may argue that some would use false reports of verbal abuse or bad attitude to cause grief for innocent players, but I've read that the tribunal also takes action for spurious reports. And I'm also assuming that the tribunal system automatically discounts or outright ignores player reports made by brand new players (who have no reputation) or problem players (those in bad standing based on previous behavior).