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@Zileas - Counter Play

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Recently Poppy has fallen behind being totally dependent on trinity, or going tank really early. Her passive is great it isnt too strong in the sense that she will take 10% of her health and then the rest of the damage is halved. You dont see her as often as you should. This season everyone picks cc, tanky aoe, and alot of long range low risk high reward abilities. Thats everything poppy isnt. She comes into the fight slams you against a wall and bashes your brains in. That is if she can ks a couple times. Her high mobility is the only thing that puts her ahead and is required for her to get into position for a stun. A good player will avoid most walls forcing the team to run squads in the jungle or gank until enough people are down to take an objective. Shes a melee i get that. Xin has a knock up, riven has aoe out the ass, shyvanna has more damage then rammus with enough chase, escape flying, fire breathing etc. As the tank yordlee show some love. Her ult feels lack luster, the time its up (Granted the damage buff) She gets locked down easy, you have to wait for the moment to ram somoene into a wall to stun (Which doesnt happen in lane fights) Her q is strong but its not constant enough to be her only real damage source.

I just want to know if there is insight to the direction the team wants to go with her. what they think her problems are and how they want to fix her. Im up for anything i used to love playing poppy (The worst champ in the league) Whomping someone into a wall and taking the cake so i could carry through for the win. It doesnt seem the case with the current competition shes up against S4.

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So I know you see vlads pool as a mistake (or close too it) but why? Do you see fizz's playful/trickster as a mistake? Why does becoming invulnerable for a brief period of time (less than 3 seconds) get considered toxic ?