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Matchmaking SR normal draft

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I just played a game with a level 24 summoner. It wasn't a smurf, he was clearly new to the game. I'm not complaining about the skill level of the player - I'd just like to point out there might be some issue with this, as it's apparently happened to others already tonight. Everyone on both teams otherwise was level 30 and has been for quite some time. Nobody was a duo with him. Everyone had over 400 wins, meaning probably an average of 800 games played, while this person only had 50-someodd, meaning barely over 100.

I was annoyed in game, wondering why he kept doing the things he was doing, only to feel bad afterward since he clearly hadn't played much, and definitely not at the skill level he got stuck in. (I wasn't mean to him or anything)

It was clearly unfair to this player that he got stuck in the game like that, even though nobody was (overly) mean to him or anything, he just felt bad all around that he was getting killed/pushed out of lane/made fun of for his item build.

Not sure if bug, or just bad matchmaking. Either way, might want to do something about it to avoid this kind of thing from happening.