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arclight varus - bugs and feedback thread

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Ixyn Lord

Junior Member


My question is why does archlight Varus have white blight stack, and why does his ultimate have a completely different particle. as far as I knew you couldnt change the particles of abilities that affected other champions, I heard that is why bioforge Darius could not have green bleed stacks,

P.S I am not saying we shouldnt change the particles for archlight Varus, I'm asking why the change in how you do things now

What the...? Green bleeding stacks? He causes hemorragy, there is no point to turn it green since the color of blood is red. Unless every champion is an monster...

Varus uses his strenght to inprison people into corruption. The power comes from HIM. Darius passive react according to the enemy... The bleeding stacks doesn't come from him..

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Junior Member


I played a full Custom game, on SR i noticed that when he is auto attacking the arrow disappears right before he shoots it, then it re-appears right after the arrow leaves the bow..

Not sure if thats been said i read to page 8 lol.

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Also please do not make this skin 1350.

Hell, if they are willing to change the voice, put in the wings for his passive like someone mentioned.. I'm all for making this beautiful skin into a legendary.

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Junior Member


Is the bow having a red glow after killing minions for the passive a bug? Or has the passive actually changed back to red?

I think the blue looked a lot better with the skin since the red doesn't look good with the whole gold colour scheme.