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Guide to Victory (Escape ELO HELL)

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Would just like to say, IT IS possible to escape ELO Hell, you just gotta step up your game nd out play. Basically all you have to do is win your lane ( which is every game for me in the 1100-1300s) and roam to help out the trash players who always like to complain and FEED. From the gameplay I've seen saying "ELO Hell this, ELO Hell that." I have come to notice they were only winning for them selves, and not their teams. Basically set your mind to winning in kills and CS, and roaming ( VERY important during mid-game).

Sure, your gonna have those sh#^ty games where you end up losing lane due to a hard counter or a platinum smurf, but get over that. Most likely win lanes are Jungle and Top, real game changers. I only play top and ad when I have a duo support. Roaming is the key to success, to feed your other players and not just you! Good Luck.
Here are the results of roaming, and my most recent 8 games.
[x] Climb out of the ELO Hell
[ ] Goal, Reach Gold
http://tinypic.com/r/70v1h5/6 (http://tinypic.com/r/70v1h5/6)