Keyboard issues

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I have noticed that after some games my keyboard starts going weird by disabling all the keys in the middle line( from A to ; ) except for the G and H keys globally (that is i have to type leetspeak to reply to my friends even on other programs), at first i thought my keyboard was broken, but today when i closed the LoL client my keyboard returned to normal

dunno if it has happened to someone else tho

Games played today- 4 in a row
Windows XP SP3
ALASKA keyboard PS/2
NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS
AMD Athlon Dual Core @ 2.21 GHz
1.50 GB RAM
Wireless internet connection

the keyboard started failing about middlegame of the 4th game, i couldn't type mia's or some advice since my keys wasn't working
i can't try with another keyboard since i don't have another one, but i tried disconnecting and reconnecting this one but didn't work, the keys were malfunctioning until i closed the client

thank you for your time!

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