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Topia Online

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Hey! I consider myself a gamer, and I like lots of different games, from Halo, all the way down to Dwarf Fortress.. But hey who doesn't like a lot of games?

I wanted to let the LoL Community to know about an interesting game that is in development.
Topia Online will be an open-world sandbox game, with features like..
-Open World enviroment
-Dozens of "biomes" (Forest, desert, mountain, cold, etc)
-Player Run (Litterally, even the monsters are players).
-Procederally generated (The world gets bigger the more players there are, and smaller if there are less people).

It has a small test-area where you can try out movement right now, and the developer is really active, and chats with the community and answers questions frequently.
Kickstarter is next month!

I thought you guys would like to know