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My first penta of the new season~!

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Master Recruiter


Well I have spent the last 24+ hours playing your New champion Zed He is amazing everything I ever wanted in a assassin an more TY! Within the last half hour as you may have guessed from my subject line I GOT MY FIRST PENTA OF THE SEASON!!! Can you guess with who? Thats right you guessed it! ZED!!! he is quite Squishy but that is the main point of assassin type characters IMO to jump from the shadows an DEVESTATE YOUR FOE!and Promptly Book it in a Opposite Direction to once again Lurk in the shadows awaiting you next unsuspecting foe, wich zed does with remarkable efficency Granted if he gets caught or focused unless your a good Zed player your prolly gonna get stomped into oblivion as his defenses are quite low xD but anyway im just saying TY for bringing this Champ out I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Amazingly Balanced to considering all the changes that have had to be made to the most recent champs. Keep em Comming Riot!