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Master Anubis

Senior Member


Ok i'm ready for down votes.

To start off i'd like to say the people doing solo/duo que are become more and more extremely rude and lack respect for others.

1. I'd like to start off with champion selection. People join game and spam for roles. Then you have those people who is like, ok let them have there roles regardless of pick. Then you have those people who do not respect others enough to let them have what they want. So they pick roles and not even say nothing to no one until they locked in and then they magically want to talk. The person who did not get there role is now fuming, "witch i understand why" There was no respect for others wishes in champion selection so last pick always gets the tough end of the deal. pretty much scraps of what no one wanted and most the time its a support role.

2. Now the someone stole someone elses role and claims you can't call roles in rank it begs me to ask. Why is there a chat box if we are not gonna try to cooperate with one another on who gets what roles. Why can we even talk at all if no one will work as a team and try to be a team.

3. Ok so now we have people arguing and not working together as a team and people are mad and random'ing champions least to say to try and force someone to dodge or you get so fed up you dodge que your self only to sit and wait 30 minutes for someone else to get mad and troll games or not even care. If you dodge again you now have 1 hour wait on someone elses mistake.

Anyone else feel the same way?