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(Champion Concept) Sthalraid, The Armored Ace

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Danny You



Name: Sthalraid The Armored Ace
Tags: Ranged, Pusher, Support, Roamer
Resource: Mana

Attack: Medium-Low
Defense: Medium-High
Ability Power: Medium-High
Difficulty: Very High

Having gotten back into Company of Heroes recently after Relic announced the second game, and after playing the Tiger Ace campaign I thought maybe there could be a armor Champion in the roster.

Sthalraid is two words, Sthal the German word for steel, raid which I shortened from Raiden which is Japanese for lightning, and Raid in English is to quickly attack.
I would imagine him to be like a mixture between a German officer and a tank ace most notably this guy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Wittmann and this guy http://en.wikipedia.org/wikiErwin_Rommel

Gameplay wise I would view Sthalraid as a tanky support with great poke in the early game and good dps late game, He is in a tank, but he isn't a true tank I feel ranged tanks would be a bad idea. In the beginning laning phase he would probably go bottom lane and support his carry while doing poking. He is very weak health wise in the beginning and has pitiful defenses pre-level 6. After he gets his ult he can roam around the map on ward duty, gank, or push with crazy speed. In team fights positioning is especially paramount for Sthalraid.


Auto Attack:
Fires his standard issue Hextech Revolver at an enemy with one hand, sometimes slashes an enemy with his officer sword if enemy is close enough.

Passive: Blitzkrieg Assault
Movement and attack speed ramp up the longer Sthalraid is in combat also increases the longer and deeper Sthalraid is in enemy territory and he passes half the bonus to nearby allies.

Hextech Auto Pistol [Q] (Toggle):
When Toggled Sthalraid readies his auto pistol to rapidly fire in a cone in cursor location when left clicked, the cone becomes much wider and inaccurate when moving, and much tighter and accurate when standing still. Each shot that damages the enemy will apply a small debuff "Supressed" which slows enemies and reduces their attack speed. This buff can stack up to X times and they dissipate much more quickly if they have they are running away from Sthalraid.

Tank Fire Support [W]:
Sthalraid calls for fire support from his tank to barrage a target area. When area is chosen there is a X second delay with a distinctive noise and the target area is barraged with a shell. This ability can be used up to three times before going on cooldown and bombarding the same area significantly shortens the delays on subsequent rounds. It does the most damage at the center and enemies hit will get 3 stacks of the "Supressed" debuff. Does X% more damage on minions if all three rounds are in a line (Creeping barrage get it?)

Electro-shock grenade [E]:
Throws a grenade at target location with a distinctive projectile arc, after X seconds the grenade explodes and electrifies the area for X seconds. Enemies inside area will be dealt damage and slow. The damage and slow ramp up the longer the target is in the AOE. Allies that run through the electrified area have their movement speed increased by X% for X seconds

Steel Lightning [R]:
Calls in his ace tank at target location enemies caught under it will take X damage, after X Sthalraid will board the tank which gives bonuses and changes his abilities.

+Gain X health as shield
+Large movement speed bonus
+Increased attack range
+Tank Armor passive which gives bonus 100/150/200 Armor and Magic Resistance to the front of the tank, 15/30/45 to the sides and 5/10/15 to the rear.

-Can only attack where turret is facing, otherwise it the turret will slowly turn to where the target is to attack.
-Attack speed is halved
-Needs to accelerate before reaching max speeds
-Can only move at half max movement speed while in reverse
-Massively increased Hitbox size
-Cannot turn on a perpendicular angle, must rotate tank first to do so.

Tank Mode:

Holding right click at a location will have a cursor of which direction you want the tank to face

Auto -Attack:
Is replaced by Tank support W skill shot if ordered to attack a unit it will fire at that location even if the target moved, if told to attack ground the tank will fire at that area continually until told otherwise. Enemies hit will have the “Supressed” debuff.

Tank Shock [Q]:
Fires a machine gun in short bursts to enemies in front of the tank automatically and provides the “Supressed” debuff effect.

Active (Toggle):
Sthalraid commands driver to put the tank's engine into overdrive, This increases the tank's movement speed by X% as well as doubling acceleration and tripling deceleration speeds. While this is active the passive machine gun becomes a super charged lightning gun which does increased damage the longer the enemy is in range of the cone of fire. If the tank is moving at maximum speed it will knock away any enemies in its path. This ability drains a lot of mana per second, and has a large cooldown if toggled off.

Load HE/AP Rounds [W]:
Passive: Increases attack speed and lowers cooldowns for abilities

Active: Changes rounds from High explosive AOE to Single target Armor Piercer. AP rounds fire in a straight line and hits the first enemy deals X% armor penetration and the target has its armor reduced by X% for X seconds. When changing rounds there is a delay in which you cannot attack, also cannot change rounds until the cooldown refreshes.

S-Mine Launcher [E]:
Fires mines into the air around the tank after a brief delay deals damage and releases a smoke screen around the tank. The smokescreen makes enemies lose target of the tank, and reduces damage from aoe abilities by X%. It also blocks vision for enemies behind the smoke like a wall. For all intents and purposes the smoke acts as temporary brush so allies can use brush related abilities, but enemies cannot.

Abandon Tank [R]:
Sthalraid and the crew bail out of the tank and break all CC on him, The tank is sent speeding down in a straight line and explodes at the first enemy it hits dealing massive damage to any enemies around it, the damage scales to how much health (armor) the tank had, dealing more at full and less when it is empty.

Sthalraid started his military career in one of the most notorious companies in the Demacian military. Easy company takes any volunteers wishing to gain Demacian citizenship but are usually criminals forced to fight or be executed, exiles, mercenaries, pirates, and any other scum of Valoran. The training is brutal and a good amount of recruits die before completing training. If they survive they are usually sent to suicidal missions as shock troops to soften the enemy before the main force. It also has the highest officer casualty rate usually by friendly fire… It is here that Sthalraid made a name for himself through various battles from a lowly enlisted foot soldier to a lieutenant. He eventually became commander after a fairly sketchy incident between his commanding officer after a failed attack which caused massive casualties to the unit and refusal to execute the captured Noxian prisoners. Sthalraid and the last three men in his unit all claimed his gun misfired into his own chest and then proceeded to fall on his own sword. Despite rumors on how he got to position Sthalraid has netted some astonishing victories where Demacian Command sent him to be merely cannon fodder.

Impressed with the company’s performance, Easy company was transformed into an experimental mechanized division tasked with responding and quickly mobilizing for attacks…albeit still suicidal. At the forefront of this new division was a new weapon to combat Noxian and Zaun super weapons made by the likes of Singed and Warwick. A joint effort by Demacia and Piltover a mechanized and heavily armored machine was created. Dubbed “Steel Lightning” from the sparks of the techmaturgy engine, Sthalraid and his three man crew proved its worth in a short skirmish in Kalamanda with devastating results where they annihilated a Noxian regiment singlehandedly. Demacian Command not willing to squander their asset into sending them into more dangerous missions have put Sthalraid and his crew in the League of Legends.

When selected: Fueled up and Rolling out

Moving to position
Acknowledged Summoner
I read you summoner
What are your orders

When using fire support W:
Fire mission at these coordinates
I need fire support at this position do you copy?
*static* Shot Over
*static* Gun firing

Tank Mode:
Demacian Steel…
Pride of the Fatherland…
Heavy Armor rolling out…
Motor to 400 Psi, Move it
Enemy 200 meters down range, adjust turret
Fire at will

Everything’s made better in Piltover!

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Danny You



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Danny You



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Danny You




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Danny You