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Recent gold player here in need of a duo partner

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OK so let me just start by saying i had 21 wins and 7 losses.
at most points i was around 85% win rate. i had an averaging 6/2/9 kda ratio with all my junglers and mids.

once i got to 1500 i hurricane hit me. People starting crying for jungle and mid so i gave it to them. I started playing other roles, mostly top or adc. As adc i won almost all of them but not when i topped. A consistency of me dominating in the first 10 min of every game would fail by the 20 min mark when my adc was 0/10.
I started jungling again so i could gank and help bot or mid or top with their lanes. And we would be getting good ganks and all the dragons. but then people would get cocky and start diving and feeding.. and diving.. and feeding and usually a silly solo queue stomper like cho gath would win the game and i would receive another elo decrease.

I played a game where i was 9/1 with katarina. I slaughter mid and got two double kills with bot. It was a sure win. we had 2 mid and 2 bot towers gone. they had nothing. Then our ezreal got ballsy. and dove, and died. Then our top dove and died. Then my team started at half health and no joke died to baron.
every single one of them. I was defending mid while this happened.. and then they just pushed all the way through and won.

I just played zed the newest champion. and i beat katarina mid... and i killed rammus twice trying to counter jungle our alistar. I escaped 5 ganks from rammus.. RAMMUS and he wasnt really bad i just had great positioning every time.
And guess what happened.. A cho carried the other team and won. I even bought madreds to kill him knowing it would happen but it didnt matter. zero back up.

Ive lost a good 150 elo now im bench marking around 1400 now from 1536. I just want a duo partner that plays 2 roles well. preferably top/jung, top/mid.
Jungling is important in solo queue because your ganking can control which lane gets abused the most. and help them recover. Ive never won a game with a bad jungler(which is why i jungled 90% of my games to get to 1500+)

Top and mid are the snowball lanes. they also carry games in solo queue because adc takes too long, your team usually throws before you can get a good item roster.

Just add me in game, Domaricus. Im 21 i play alot. i have skype im friendly and most importantly I know how to play league of legends. Even when im not the best at a champion ive still bought them and played them and KNOW them
i own all the champions. I know what they do at their best and how to counter them. Ive beaten champions mid that counter my champion. Its all about understanding where the damage comes from. I want to get back to 1500 and waay past. I would love to be in a higher elo bracket mostly just to have good fun games with people at my skill level. I hate losing because my team isnt as skilled and i honestly dont like a slaughter bot fest as opponents. I love the thrilling edge this game has, close games are the best battles and most satisfying victories.

Im still going to keep trying to win the elo ive lost. probably by hitting the jungle up again. but i would love a partner.

Good luck to all that read this, i hope to see you in my games

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Plz post a tl;dr cuz i am not reading that! Plz? Ty