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Looking for more players for Overkill Gaming

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Hey my name is Alex (IGN - AL3xStone)

I'm the team captain of Overkill Gaming. I've been looking for a good ranked team for quite some time now. I haven't been able to find one. So I'm going to have the experienced players come to me.

We're are currently looking for 1 of each lane. Here are the requirements.

- Must have played at least 150 ranked games
- Know what lane you want, and have a least 4 champions in that lane to play with.
- Need to be willing to put in effort to become better.
- Good Attitude, Learning From Our Wins and Losses,
- Must Be Level 30
- Most Of All, Must Be An Overall Honorable Summoner. (Team player/Doesn't Insult Opposing Team)

If you are interested in getting some ranked team experience, Add me in game and we can talk or leave a message on this thread. (IGN - AL3xStone)

Thanks For The Consideration, Hope To Hear From You.