Maybe someone who likes to theory-craft cant make this?

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Mr Smexisauce



I'm no good at doing all this theory-crafting and whatnot. So feel free to take this idea and use it if you think it's worth it. I always thought a cool idea for a champion would be something relating to a superman-esque Super-hero figure.

Maybe his 5 abilities could be something along the lines of:
Passive: ______ Some kind of "heightened senses" attack speed buff /per level. (since he is melee) (open to change)
Q: Super Strength - _______ grabs his enemy with both hands and slams them into the ground (some kind of disorient/stun cc?)
W: ______ uses super vision to see through his opponent, exposing their weakness to him (granting him a certain % of extra damage against them for a short time)
E: ______ Uses Laser Vision to burn enemies in a straight line in front of him. (similar to Viktors beam, but straight ahead.. maybe you could work on it better.)

R(ultimate): _______ Uses his power of flight to rapidly fly in circles in an area (decent range- leveling it increases range of AOE and dmg). Enemies caught within the AOE are pulled closer to the center for the duration of the spell and are massively slowed. At the end they take moderate damage based on stats.

I feel like he should be a melee, making him optimal to build AD/attack speed. However, he could be somewhat of a damage/support due to the incredible CC. A nice possible build could also be hybrid, or AD with items like Trinforce and whatnot. He could be very viable and would make a great solotop, support, or maybe jungler?

Feel free to take this and work off of it. But throw me some credit if you do? :P