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Garderia, The protector of the forest

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Garderia is a counterpart of zyra and she is a ranged support type that has 2 effects abilities. (She is actually the half-sister of Zrya

Lore: Deep in the Valoran forest there are mystical and holy creatures and images that marks Garderia holy grounds. People who travel to Valoran will worship and praise her so she can create a bountiful gardens filled with fruits, vegetables and herbs of all types. And as a gratitude Garderia will bless each farmer with her divine wave of prayers. Garderia was also a care giver to others as when a mother dies after the newborn she will become human and watch over their young at night until the sun raises. Her half sister Zyra sometimes create mischief to farmers by ruining their crops but Garderia always catch her before she destroys crops.

After a while Garderia become more popular as time grow and the city of Demacia and Volaria become more cultural instead of industrial and more people came to worship her 24/7. However do to constant worshiping she grow tired and weary from blessing gardens 24/7. This is when Jarvan came and let her in the league as a honor and to help her out with her constant worship and praise. She gladdly accepted the request and she went into the battle not as a god but as a holy icon of hope and joy.

HP: 360(+20)
AD: 40(+2.96)
AP: 0
Health regen: 4.6(+.54)
Mana: 304(+65)
Mana Reg: 6.8(+.7)
Armor: 8(+3.9)
AttckSpeed: .639(+2.11%)
Magic resis: 30
Range: 450
Movement: 315


Passive: green essence
Every 3 ability that Garderia cast will restore her mana by 3%

Q: Maple toss
Garderia will toss a pointy maple leaf at the enemy dealing (40/80/120/160/200)+.2 AP dmg and slow them down by 1% for 2.5secs
Mana: 90/106/110/125/150
CD: 10/9/8/7/6
Range: 900

W: Green shield
Garderia will summon a green shield to protect them from (60/100/140/180/220) dmg and will heal them (10/20/30/40hp) for 3secs if the shield is not destroyed
Mana: 80/105/114/120/140

E: Natures blessing
Garderia will grant her ally (20/25/40/45/50) Magic resis and during the process they will have (5/15/25/50)+.8 AP power for 3secs.
Mana: 90/108/115/125/150

R: Spiritual well (kind of like Jannas ult without a health heal or push)
Garderia will focus all the nature in the forest and bestow a patch of glowing grass in a circle around her and her allys regenerating their mana by (35/45/55)+.3 AP and slowing enemies coming into the grass for 3secs
Mana: 140/250/300
CD: 140/130/120


Champ selection:

I will always be there for you

On the Natures trail
Green fields of joy
What a beautiful field
this brings back memories
I feel at home


Wilt and perish
There should be no violence for no one
I feel their corruption
This is no place for you here


BE one with the leaf
Change color(related to a leaf changing its color from green to brown)


Nature is all around you
Be green
feel enjoyed by nature


Become with the wind
Nature is with you


Serenity at praise
Welcome to the holy field


Dont be a dandilion or a sun flower(laughs)
Fertilizers are smelly as they can be


Without trees...you cant breathe
Looks like you out of breath

here it is guys comment away