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Creating New s3 5vs5 DEDICATED SERIOUS Ranked Team-

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Well here we are again in another preseason. The hardest part about forming a team is finding 5 solid players who mesh well together that can be on consistently during the same hours.

Practice will be weekday evenings at 730:930 Mountian time so dont apply if you cant fit that but we will be playing in the day time on weekend hollidays...
Sundays are for brakes day. If these times sound perfect for you then we may be the team you've been looking for. Some people may go to school so you need to be patient.

Game Day:
Every weekend we will play ranked or tournaments!

Requirements for tryout:
Age- 13+
level 30+

---Fill out the application below in a reply to this thread and add Old Man Boats in game.

1.) IGN:
2.) Age:
4.) Position:
5.) Your top 3 champs:
6.) What is your highest Elo

Extra: we are also a clan on black ops 2 (Xbox 360) so let me know if you wanna join that. also last but not least i want to find another leader not a c0 leader but a 2nd leader = to me so let me know if your interested in that.

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1.) IGN: OlSlop
2.) Age: 24
3.)Timezone: Central
4.) Position: Jungle / Support
5.) Your top 3 champs: Jungle: Udyr, Naut, Ali / Support: Leona, Blitz, Taric
6.) 1250