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Idea for Honor/Report System @Riot:

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Firefly Captain

Senior Member


Hi there! So about 3 weeks ago, I received the Honorable Opponent ribbon on my account, but then the following day I was suspended for 4 days by the Tribunal (resetting all of my honor). Since then, I have re-received the Honorable Opponent ribbon, but I also know that there have been a few games where I may have gotten a little obnoxious or annoyed with other players, and so I'm a little worried that I may be suspended again in the future.

While I know that I have made some conduct mistakes in the past, I also recognize that nobody is perfect, and that it's somewhat paradoxical that someone can be banned and receive an honor ribbon, especially within a 24-hour period. My question is: Why not make these two conditions mutually exclusive?

Instead of "reporting" someone, you can "dishonor" them, taking away their honor (maybe with a time delay so that a frustrated player doesn't become more upset upon seeing their loss off honor, and immediately queuing up another game in full-on rage/troll mode.) The "dishonor" choices can simply be the opposite of what "honor" choices are: Unfriendly (Raging/Explicit Language) , Poor Teamwork (Refusing to communicate/Griefing/Feeding), Unhelpful (Negative Attitude) , Dishonorable Opponent. This will do a number of things:

1. Create and normalize an honor spectrum (most people will be in the middle, with a few angels at the top, and a few devils at the bottom). Shifts in this honor spectrum will give Riot Games another route of feedback on how the honor system is doing.

2. The Tribunal will still play a vital role. If a player receives dishonor, then the game gets added to their case, but the case isn't reviewed until that player's honor falls below a certain level. This way, a player who is honorable in 99% of games (but still gets reported once in a while) doesn't suffer the same fate as someone who trolls/DCs every other game. (Yes, I know you suspend people for different lengths of time or ban them, but suspension is the same as suspension.)

3. People will be more aware as to how the community view them, this will drive players to act in a more socially acceptable manner. Furthermore, if they see that their honor is close to a level that makes their Tribunal case reviewable, then they will be really pressured to behave in a mature manner, giving people the chance to atone for their bad behavior before punishment (they can't do this if their account is banned).

4. Honor can now be factored into matchmaking. Behaving honorably will get you matched with similar players, while the same will happen for dishonorable players. This rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior. Maybe limit the amount of honor that can be given per day (I think you already do this?) to avoid honor-boosting among dishonorable players.

5. To further promote good behavior, have 1 point in Dishonor negate several Honor points (I don't know what a good ratio would be). This will make players work harder to be recognized as "honorable," and will also inhibit elo boosting.

6. If a player is punished by the Tribunal, instead of suspending or banning the account, why not inform them that they are being sent to specific queues with equally dishonorable players for a period of time (like a week or so). The more people that play the game, the more money Riot Games makes. Toxic players still buy RP, so instead of cutting them out, why not quarantine them from the rest of the community? Playing with other angry trolls for a week will either knock some sense into the player, or cause them to stop playing for a while, which is what would've happened if they got suspended/banned anyway.

While I like the honor system as it is, I think it's pretty harsh to suspend someone who on multiple occasions has been recognized by the community as "honorable." I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation, so let me know what you think (other than that this is a ridiculously-long essay )! The preseason is a good time to experiment with things for season 3.