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Tear of the Goddess Bug

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So I found this in the PBE but its in the live version too.

Udyr in any map with 40% CD Reduction can spam his spells and bypass the 3 segs CD of the mana increase of the ToG. I think the CD reduction affect the 3 segs cooldown of the ToG.

PBE bugs:

When you have in your inventory a Manamune and a ToG, just when you are evolve your Manamune the ToG mana record just reset and you can start getting mana again, so this mean infinite mana.

So try this,
1- Get a Manamune (or Archangel's Staff) and a ToG (ToG 1).
2- Fully charge the Manamune this will reset your ToG 1.
3- Start stacking mana again with your ToG 1, don't fully charge it.
4- Sell your Evolved Manamune and get another ToG (ToG 2).
5- Upgrade your ToG 1 to a Manamune.
6- Finish the charge of the Manamune and ToG 2.
7- This will evolve your second Manamune and reset your ToG 2.
8- Repeat.