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Undiscovered talent going gold/platinum LFT

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"Ambition is priceless its something thats in your veins" - wale (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7ZbM7ak8uw)

Long story short: Elo hell stopped me from discovering my true potential. My 5's team was never active, and I consistently performed better than my 3's teammates.

What I can guarantee:
Silver or better performance
Comprehensive knowledge of champions played
Have own vent, and have most 3rd party communications (obviously I have a mic too)
A level head
Unrepeated mistakes

What I am looking for:
Equal or better teammates
That means 1200 or better.

Active Team
I play all day. My team should practice at least a few hours frequently during the week.

Jungle/Mid/Top slots
I can play adc/support but i prefer not to go bottom

Competent players
Stupidity is a disease that plagues League like no other. Don't be that guy.

Be able to adapt to situations
Tired of watching people stack ad when the enemy team is stacking armor.

Teammates that listen to each other
If I had a quarter for every time someone didn't listen and got killed...

Good hearted people
I noticed that people who are humble are often times the better players.

Level headed people
Losing one's composure 3 minutes in doesn't do anyone any good.

A will to win, but not at the cost of others
The little things always end up snowballing into something as big as defeat.

And lastly, Consistency
Consistently positive is good. Consistently winning is better.

If your team has these qualities, dont hesitate to message me in-game. I will only accept requests of people who have posted in this thread due to friend list limitations. Good luck always and lets go platinum together.

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