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What is the Tribunal?

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How does the Tribunal work? And what is it made up of?

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The Tribunal is a group of people who assist Riot in enforcing the Summoner's Code. Let me describe a bit what it does, though there is also a FAQ in the forums as well to read.

1. In order to participate, you need to be at least level 20 in League of Legends ( This is likely to prevent people from making smurf accounts or people who do not know the Code well yet fro judging reports.

2. Once you are, move your mouse up to Game Info at the top of the screen, and select The Tribunal.

3. When you review a case, it will show you the reports that people have made in game. Also included is a chat log to verify what they have said in the report, or the report reason. Also included is their kill/death/assist score, items, and if they won, lost, or left the game ( leave )

4. Remember that pardon or punish affects the entire case file, so look through every game in that case file before selecting your vote. Even if only one game in a case file is breaking the rules, you should consider a punish verdict because we only see a small % of the reports made against the person. ( It takes several reports to come before the Tribunal.

5. The first time a majority of people punish a case against someone, they receive a warning, along with an email with the case file sent to them so they can review what they did wrong, and also so they can ask in this forum for help understanding what they did wrong. From the second onwards, it is a time ban of increasing lengths. The Tribunal does not choose to ban or the length, that is done by the system.

6. After a fair number of punish verdicts against the same player, the case gets forewarded to Riot staff, who review the player's entire history, which includes all judgements from the Tribunal, as well as other reports we did not see. They also have access to pre-game and post-game chats. If they feel there is no sign of the person improving their act or their behavior is just completely unacceptable, they will issue a perma-ban to that account. ( The Tribunal can not put someone into a perma-ban status on their own, Riot HAS to push that button ) In addition, Riot will regularly check on case files judged by the Tribunal to make sure the right call was made.

If you have any more questions, as said you can check out the FAQ or you can ask here and either myself or someone else will hopefully be around to answer them.

Oh, before I forget, people claim on the forums that Tribunal members get IP in game for case work. That is NOT true. There was a time when it was, but that was stopped several months ago, because really, isn't removing toxic players form the game while making sure innocent players are not falsely banned it's own reward?