How to combat this kind of behavior?

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Recently I had a game with this support ;Kremlin25. That continuously stole my farm and abused me for not csing correctly. He told the team I could not last hit. I was playing vayne adc. He was playing sion support. He continued to deny me farm whilst telling the team i was bad and should not play. Eventually the top player ;d2squar3d' joined in insulting me and every member of my team began to steal my farm and insult me over and over. How do I combat this kind of behaviour. This was a draft pick game. Do I leave and take a leaver level or do I continuously try to farm despite their efforts (which is what I did). The fizz on our team kept using his aoe attacks to deny me farm mid game. I never said anything to instigate this kind of behaviour. Is it bad to report this kind of behaviour? Does anyone have experiences like this? Sorry if I seem naive, I am pretty new the lol community. Any one have any tips I could have for games like this?

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The best way to deal with something like this is to use the in-game reporting system after the match to report the player to Tribunal.