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[Skin Concept] Steampunk Zyra!

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Hey there reader! You may know this, but Zyra only has 1 other skin aside from her original. Right now, Zyra is somewhat popular and currently my favorite hero, so I've been thinking she deserves another skin! I may have put a little more effort into this compared to others, but it was fun and I hope others like the idea as much as I do! I'm not a good drawer, but I tried my best.
Without further ado: The picture: http://i.imgur.com/3stsb.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/3stsb.jpg)

During this process, you might want to open the Steampunk Zyra picture and an origianl Zyra picture for reference. As you can see, Steampunk Zyra is not so much a clockwork robot like Orianna is, but more of a human who would live in this certain time period. First of all, lets look at the key features that make Zyra different as a character besides the fact she is a plant humanoid:

  • -Bangs ( partially ) covering one of her eyes
  • -Sholder Wear
  • -Boobs
  • -Thorny Legs ( in this case pants )
  • -Neck Brace
  • -Revealing
  • -Eye Detail
  • -Long Hair

In the picture, you can see that Steampunk Zyra actually has her hair completely covering her eyes compared original Zyra. This is a minor change that makes the skin different, but also alike in a way.
-Sholder Wear:
In the picture, Steampunk Zyra only has one Shoulder blade accessory, which is her attachable steampunk arm-cup thing. The other arm is normal, which of course mixes up things a bit.
Zyra's breasts are still here for all your horny needs! Her corset props them up, to show off Zyra's most iconic features.
-Throny Legs ( in this case pants ):
In the picture there is no distinct feature of armor-like legs, but I was thinking like some strap-on pouch to keep her various nuts and bolts for constructing her machines of war (which we will preview later). Nothing much steampunk related could be added here without looking ridiculous, cluttered, or tried to hard to add to detail.
-Neck Brace:
It's quite hard to notice, but Zyra wears a neck brace. Steampunk Zyra simply wears a collar and a necklace to fill in this minor detail.
Steam punk isn't really about being as naked as possible like a plant lady is, so the only thing revealing about Steampunk Zyra is her cleavage and lack of sleeves.
-Eye Detail:
If you take a gander once more at original Zyra, she has these flaring red eyelashes. Steampunk Zyra simply has eye shadow to substitute the eye lashes as detail.
-Long Hair:
The long hair is not scene at this angle for Steampunk Zyra, but she will still have long red hair just like original Zyra. Long red hair fits the character of Zyra, so there's no reason to change that.

Differences in Appearance:
Somethings that are different with this skin that don't match with her original skin are her robotic arm, flower in her hair, fluffy, flooded pants, leather black boots, and tons of lace instead of thorns.

Using her various metal pieces, Zyra the Steampunk Mage destroys all her enemies in combat.

Her passive will be when she dies, a ton of scrap metal surrounds her body, leaving a turret barrel on top to fire when an ability has been used. Once used, the pile of scrap metal explodes.

Her Q would be she would make a pit of pipes. After a short delay, steam will shoot out and damage her enemies in the area.

Her W would be that she places a cog on the ground that spins slowly. When her Q is casted upon it, it will make a mini turret. When her E is casted upon it, a robotic arm is made.

Her E would make Zyra slide her various nuts and bolts along the ground (not so much weaving inside and out the ground like the original skin) and would surround her enemy's feet and immobilize them.

Her R would spill a big pile of scrap metal on the ground. The scrap metal then spreads along the ground, damaging foes until it reaches it's max aoe. When it spreads, the pile gets smaller from the center, because all of the metal is spread on the ground. The metal will be spread in the similar in the pattern of vines to avoid confusion of what's going on. Then, the nuts and bolts will explode up into the air very fast and sink into the ground once they fall, stunning all enemies within the aoe.

So what do you think?
Anything that should be fixed?
Anything she should say?
Do you think there could be something better for her abilities?
Would you buy this skin?

Please post your response, I'd love to hear it! Thanks for reading!

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I don't really see it fitting thematically (most characters have skins that are at least relatable to the character). That said, none of the battlecast skins have anything to do with their characters, and I'm like to see a Zyra skin that actually looks pretty cool. I would probably buy the skin -- nice idea

And if Riot wanted to make a set of steampunk characters (similar to medical, vandal, commando, etc) then I would most likely need to buy those as well.

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They have a whole steampunk subplot in piltover...caitlyn is steampunk most def. Jayce...a couple others i cant think of

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I think that's a pretty cool idea. But why a flower in her hair? I mean, of course she's a plant lady in the original, but flowers aren't exactly steampunk. Unless it's a gear/bronze looking flower. That would be awesome. I also don't really like the idea of "scrap metal." I think it should be something more meaningful, though I don't know exactly what. However, I would probably buy this skin if it turned out as well as I'm thinking in my mind.