Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but...

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Do any of these player concepts become actual champions?

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potentally, i just saw a post that came from 4-17-11 and the passive on that champion was the same as graves' who was released in october of 2011. so riot might look through these and pick stuff.

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No, but there is one CONFIRMED champion that was made because of the community (not this forum in particular). Volibear was created by the Brotherhood of the Armored Bear a group of community members who wanted an armored bear to be added to the roster, however they did not create his kit or his name, they simply suggested the archetype they wanted. Riot has listened to the communities in terms of archetypes that were wanted, such as a spider (a remake of Pricilla), Nami being the watermancer and mermaid that people have been looking for, and a slew of others. However riot avoids this forum group because of "legal issues" in which apparently they were sued by someone because the champion they created was very much alike to the one the person created and the person wanted credit and some reward for having created it, Riot won the case but since then has been a bit scarred and is saying they won't even look at the champions now to ensure that they say nothing has been stolen. further more, if we were to sign a waver saying, "I give riot all premission....blah blah blah" riot still doesnt want to be an active part of this community because they do not wish to make one champion seem better than the other because they commented on one.