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What is smartcast?

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karthus's q is auto smartcast right?

yeah, I believe it's one of the only skills that is like that

Overall I love smartcast and it really sets LoL apart for me from HoN/dota, where the clunkiness with spell casting is only cumbersome and annoying.

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Splash Radius

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how do you smartcast on a mac im doing the alt+q,w,e,r and its still not working it just shows the range circle and doesnt cast?

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Not going to lie, I've only started smart casting because TSM Reginald said it was a must thing to do when playing Cassiopeia. Like what other's have said: Simply change the smart cast key bind from Shifting+Q to just Q, the same goes for the W,E,R bindings respectively. I even smart cast my summoner spells D and F. I've also turned on the cast range indicators for two reasons: It allows me to gauge my poking for skill shots and I can constantly just mash target abilities (such as Xin Zhao's charge) while chasing.

1) Casting time decreases significantly (depending on champion the change may not be so drastic)
2) For the most part, Skill shots become much easier to land.

Cons: Hard to master
1) If you don't have good mouse play you could easily miss-click a minion or worse the wrong target while in a team fight. (For example let's say your team has the jump on enemy team, as Pantheon you want to W [stun] their super hard fed Katarina, and then you miss and hit their Soraka instead. Thus their Amumu ult's and then Katarina melts everyone else....)
2) If you have an itchy trigger finger or your finger slips you might just set off your ult or summoner spell by accident. (For example you want to type something in chat but you forgot to press ENTER first and you typed in -"DAFUQ?" That sentence has a D and an F in it and you forgot to hit ENTER. You just casted both of your summoner spells.

For me, I prefer smart casting because it creates less strain on my mouse actions. I've essentially eliminated the left click from my mouse play by smart-casting. The only time I use left click is when i'm using an active on a item or a pot or ward.