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Sudden ping issue, 2 days in

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My ping suddenly sky-rocketed on nov. 18th 2012 during a ranked game, and has since ceased to be playable as it starts in the load screen as 35ish, then seconds in to the game will begin fluctuating between 35 and 1300 (the record was something like 1800 at one point). I test my ping on other sites, and it reamins around 35. Only LoL seems to be screwing me over. I test the ping in game with customs alone hourly and it always happens.

I have updated router, called internet provider, shut down other internet using programs, worked firewall, fixed and re-installed the LoL client, scanned for viruses,
the only posb. explanation someone gave me is that exceeding bandwidth cap may be the issue, but as far as I have been looking up online for 2 days now that shouldn't effect ping.

I live in california so it should not be a problem with server distance.

Does anyone (especially a riot employee if posb) have an idea or explanation as to why the sudden occurrence of this? I've seen others with sudden unexplained ping issues, but noone seems to actually solve the problem or explain it.