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1200 ADC/Mid/Top LF Team

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So as the title says I am looking for a team as an ADC Mid or Top. I am best at each in that order.

ADC: MF Ez Cait
Mid: Ori Morg Gragas Nid
Top: Rene Wukong Nid Singed

Alright, more about me then. I am very passionate about this game and working towards being better at it. I can take criticism really well and I actually learn from it. Someone told me how to properly harass in lane while still hitting cs as an adc and my elo instantly went up 50 points. I put 1200 because I feel that is where I am ability wise even though my top rating this pre-season is 1301. I have been in a couple of teams in my time and participated in a couple of go4lol's and 1v1 tournaments. So I do have a slight feel of competitive lol and follow the pro scene pretty closely.

So now what I am looking for in a team. I want a team that will be willing to work with each other to grow and get better. I am looking for players that will give good advice and criticism while being able to take it as well. Even from the lowest rated guy. Cause you just never know who has that one small piece of advice that will push you to the next level. I want a team that will strive for greatness and be respected in the 5v5 ranked ladder. But most of all what I want is a group that has good communication and doesnt rage at each other for mistakes but rather says hey that was bad play then after the game explain why it was.

So yeah. That is what I am about and what I am looking for. If you think I would be a good fit for your team then send me a friend request and we can chat. I want to be clear that I am not looking for sub spots and am looking to be a starting player on the roster.

My availability is as follows:
M-F 9am-2pm
Sat, Sun 4pm-12am every other weekend
Sat, Sun opposite of above all day

I am in CST -6 time zone

I have skype/teamspeak/vent and willing to get others as long as I dont have to pay for them.

I am at work now and will check on this when I get home later