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LoL window issue

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I´m not sure if this is the place to post this, i just had an issue that made me dodge a ranked queue, due to the resolution of my screen my lol window doesnt exactly fit the screen, and even if it does you can actually move the window manually or by pressing alt+space as u may know, the problem is that if the window is moved to the right u cannot see the close button on top of the screen, so the problem was that i opened the champion ability screen so i learn how to play against J4 in the middle of the queue and i couldn´t see the close button and i couldn´t move the lol screen cuz it was disabled, not even with the alt+space shortcut, so i picked at random and i had to dodge that game, this is the second time that i have this issue i hope it can be fixed and i dont know if im the only one with this problem, my guess is that i´m not, it has nothing to do with the resolution, if u move the lol window to the right u will have this problem, i know that i should just not move it but sometimes u want to see the screen while u watch facebook or a video or something and this happens, ty for listening