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People Saying CDR is Good On AD Assassins

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Jake Az:
But veigar isnt a ad assassin, your title doesn't match D:

Edit: ad assassins dont auto attack as much, therefore dont benefit from crit chance which means bt>ie.

More skills spammable = more damage, since they dont aa as much as adcs.

Okay, I will try to make two points here and use some numbers to demonstrate:
A level 11 Talon player has 3 ranks Q, max W, 1 rank E, and 2 ranks ult. He is currently sittin on 161 AD with only SotD and IE plus merc treads (3830g+1200g+2000g = 7030g).
Talon blinks behind opponent.
He aa's for 483 dmg (because of definite crit and IE passive)
Uses his Q for another instant hit dealing (114) dmg instantly and (168) dmg bleed.
Then uses W (Rake) that hits slows and deals a total of (356) dmg.
And with the slow and as steroid he's guaranteed to get those last two aa's off at some point.

With this combo alone, Talon just dropped (483)x3 +114+168+356 dmg which equals out to be 2087 damage, all in the space of about 1.5-2.5 seconds (with increased as and slight delay in casts)
Also, multiply that number by 1.03 (for the percent increased damage due to blink) which equals 2150.
Note that these numbers do not even take into account the amount of damage that Talon could potentially unleash after using his ult.
Infinity Edge is a costly item, admitedly. However, this is still only 2 dmg items on him. With introduction of SotD, IE will probably be better for the AD assassin than BT, as the role of an assassin character is not to stand in a fight and spam skills, but to burst down an important, squishier enemy and leave very quickly while his teammates do their jobs.
If Talon were to obtain CDR (and i mean max CDR in order to make that much of a difference), sure he could spam his skills. But he'd be wasting item slots in order to gain that CDR instead of gaining the burst or utility items (mercurial scepter, less so frozen fist) that he needs in order to be an "assassin" style character.