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The League of Legends MiniSeries is a mild-ELO showcase pitting 32 teams from around the globe against each other in a 15-week point-based season. My goal is to highlight & help lower-level players that would like to experience low-scale competitive play while bettering themselves & preparing for a higher level of competition. I would also like to give players finding it difficult to advance in the community an outlet to grow.

All games will be held on NA servers. However, this does not limit the season to only NA teams. If you are willing to adhere to the schedule & you have a team on a different server, you will also be allowed to compete.

As stated earlier, I am looking to highlight mild-ELO players/teams. In order to qualify, you must be between 1250-1800ELO. This means that no team or member of a team reached 1800ELO at the end of Season 2, & no team or member of a team will be above 1800ELO by Saturday, January 5 [Start of Week1]. If your team is registered & breaches 1800ELO or a member of your team breaches 1800ELO, your team will be disqualified. I AM NOT ENCOURAGING TEAMS TO NOT STRIVE FOR A BETTER RATING!!! These are the specific rules for this event. Mods will be keeping track of individual/team ratings through the pre-season.


32 teams will be divided into 2 conferences, 16 teams each. [Jungle/River Conference]. From there, teams will further be divided into team brackets, 8 teams each. [Jungle Conference: Lizard/Golem Brackets | River Conference: Baron/Dragon Brackets]. Teams will then be divided into groups within their respective brackets, 4 teams each. To clear this up: There will be 4 teams in a group, 2 groups in a bracket, 2 brackets in a conference.

Teams will compete over the course of the season to gain a series of Group Points & Series Points. These will be what determines your placement throughout the season & will ultimately decide what teams advance to Round 2, & furthermore, the playoffs.

The season will be divided into 2 rounds. Round 1 is focused on Group Play, or Group Points. Teams will strive to be in the top 3 teams from their respective groups. At the end of Round 1, the bottom team from each group will be eliminated. Groups in each bracket will then merge, creating 4, 6-team brackets. Round 2 will have teams focusing on Bracket Play, or Series Points. Teams will compete to earn a spot at the top 4 of their brackets. At the end of Round 2, the bottom 2 teams from each bracket will be eliminated, leaving 4 teams left per bracket. 8 teams in each conference. 16 teams overall. Teams will then be seeded by conference & will enter a single-elimination playoff bracket.

All games are currently scheduled for Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. Matches during the week prove to be too complicated to arrange for all teams/mods/etc. You can expect most matches to be held during the evening in North America. Full schedules will be sent to each team once the whole league table has been filled.


GamerGrind G2
No Life For DD
Umbra Gaming uG
Digital Descent DiDes
Altus Cogite Gaming xACGx
Elite Gladiators EG
Brutal Gladiators BGlad
Dry Roasted Almonds Almond
Innate Gaming InG
Meddling Gamers MedGs
School Sucks TnTech
Fancy Suits and Trading FSnT
iionic Spark iios
The Exalted Ones XLTD
Noob Team GG Forlan
Team Clever CLEVER
Sultans SULTAN
Team Dirt DnYOLO
Delirious Gaming DLMG
Team Not Today TnT
Motion eSports 3 MTN3
Legends Never Die LND
The Harmless Carrys THC
Caught In a Bad Bromance CIBB
Team Solo Feed TSF
Hallucination HALU
Eccentric Flux ECTF
Eccentric Pulse ECTP
Heroes of Tomorrow HOT
Upcoming Legends uLgnds
Easy Logic Gaming ELG
MgLight Nature


1st Place | $1000 + $100 RP + Entry in Series2
2nd Place | $250 + $50 RP + Entry in Series2
3rd/4th Place | Entry in Series2


E-Mail: [email]LoL_MiniSeries@yahoo.com[/email]
IGN: LoLMiniSeries
I am currently searching for a team of moderators, casters, streamers & promoters to help launch & run this successfully. If you are interested, please contact me.

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This still happening?