Kayle's Reckoning increases smite damage

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Kayles Reckoning is increased the damage smite does, but true damage shouldn't be affected by amplification effects.

Repro steps
1. Take smite on Kayle.
2. Use Q then Smite on a jungle monster.
3. Observe Smite doing more damage than the tooltip says it should.

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This isn't a bug, Summoner Spells (and on use-items like Gunblade) count as Champion Abilities/Spells so they benefit from anything that increases the champions damage and also benefit from Spell Vamp.

So Kayle, Vlad, Swain, Poppy, all have % damage increases in their kit which would improve the damage of Ignite for all of them (and for Vlad it's actually anyone on his team) and Smite for all of them but Poppy since she can only Ult other champions.