so i was wondering... what about teemo?

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so with all the new updates there's a lot of unanswered question and im going to ask some... a bunch about teemo. XD

1st question: does runaans hurricane apply the on hit magic damage of teemos e passive
and does it apply the poison? (ps. what about malady and the rage blade? will it do the malady damage and will it lower MR? and will it stack the rage blade effect? same for black cleaver.)

2nd question: does liandry's torment proc when an enemy steps on a mushroom and since mushroom does AoE poison effect does it count as halved due to liandry's half damage for AoE? or does it only get cut in half for when it effects more than one person? and also will it get doubled by the slow?

i was just thinking because i used to looove teemo until i relized he was the reason i sucked... XD. and i know i mentioned it but will AoE that only hits one player do the full damage? it would be really cool and help teemo and other ap bursters with lots 'o' AoE.