League of Legends Commentaries, videos, and more!

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Hey guys,

I want to thank you for your time in viewing this thread. I know people hate it when youtubers advertise for their channel and I agree it bothers me sometimes too. However, it is a huge way for me and other youtubers of course, to get my videos and my channel out there so I apologize in advanced, but I hope that you will take the time to view my channel--even if it is only for a second!

Let me introduce what my channel is doing right now. Currently my channel uploads League of Legends commentaries, gameplays, LoL Clips, LoL Critiques, and some fun normal games/ARAM. I will, also, be working on a road to Platinum series this season since I just reached Gold, finally, before this season ends. I hope to get Platinum before Season Three ends.

However, my channel is not entirely League of Legends all the time. I also do Letís Plays of various other games because I feel too much League of Legends can be a little boring for some. I just finished my Penumbra and Amnesia Letís Plays and I am currently working on Diablo 3 Letís play. It will be working on another Letís Play in the future so suggestions are appreciated. I usually upload videos daily.

Here are my current playlists:


If you guys like what you see, please subscribe for more and like and favorite the video if you liked it. If you dislike it, please leave a comment on how I can improve my videos for you. I would really appreciate it.

I want to thank you for at least reading what I had to say. If you downvoted this thread just because it is a youtube thread, that is fine and I completely understand. It is always your choice whether or not you want to view my channel, comment, like, subscribe etc.

Any questions comments are always appreciated here or on my videos and thank you in advance!

Thanks again guys.