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What is your opinion?

Reduce his ult's early CD 2 28.57%
Increase ult's early range 2 28.57%
Increase HP scaling 1 14.29%
Buff ult range and reduce early cd. 1 14.29%
Buff ult range and increase hp scaling 1 14.29%
Reduce ult cd and buff hp scaling 0 0%
Noct is fine, it would make him too strong. 0 0%
Voters 7 .

Nocturne could use a slight buff.

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Sky Mence

Senior Member


This isnt a "Noct UP pls buff QQ" thread. He should be fine, but his ult and stat scaling can really use some buffs

Imo, his Passive Q W and E are fine. The skill that can use a buff is his ult.

First, The level 1 cd on his ult is 180 sec. Normally, he can only pull off 1 or 2 ganks with it before laning phase ends, and his midgame isnt that good without many successful ganks early. You can argue that it has good utility, but the timing has to be CLUTCH to have a significant impact in teamfights, while

TF ult CD rank 1: 150 secs
Shen ult CD rank 1: 200 secs

TF's ult reveals all champs, has longer range, AND the CD is 30 secs shorter at rank 1.
Shen has undoubtly one of the best ults in the game, with a lifesaving shield and global range.

The range on it isnt good compared to lets say TF or Pantheon Ult. The range is short enough that anything outside of direct lane ganks can easily be seen by warding at certain spots. (Drag/baron area and tribushes)

Noct is also pretty squishy compared to many brusiers, so buffing his HP scaling can also help.

TLDR: His Ults early CD and Range can recieve some buffs,

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Prof Zuhayr

Senior Member


i agree i regretted buying nocturne because of how weak he was compared to other champs

his ult has too long a CD and barely any damage or range.

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Senior Member


He's still strong, but with the recent nerfs, the fact that his HP scaling is so low is what sets him back. I'm fine with the all-around global nerfs, since it was all-around. If he can't get his survivability from gold due to successful ganks, he needs it from somewhere else.