Server lag, and now unable to log on to the Server (NA)

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So i was loading into a custom ARAM match earlier and my ping on LoL had spiked up to 500-600 range. i normally sit at 90, but these last few weeks its been filled with ungodly lag/ping spikes, yet on NO OTHER PROGRAM have i had a similar issue. i havent lagged anywhere else, which leads me to believe that something is horribly wrong server side, at least for me or my ISP. now, i crashed out of the ARAM match and when i went to log back in, what do i find? an error message saying "The server is currently busy, please try again later". so i try to login again and this time it says "Login failed for an unknown reason". so i checked if i can log in to other things, and lo and behold, no problems there, i can log in to anything else fine, and the forums work fine as well. so what gives? whats the issue? and am i going to get banned/ reported for a leave in a custom match because of this?