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Im here to help you

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Hello,My name is Morpheus(its actually John)and I am here to give you a choice(help you)
You can choose the red pill(just leave)
OR(my gosh)
You can choose the blue pill(post your responce to my tread after reading it)

Thread begin

Hello,my name is Melchizedek John Mckoy. Freinds call me Mel(pronounced like DELL except with an M) or just John.I an not a pro but I consider myself to be a pretty good player. My sole goal is to group together the best team in the world(start laughter and taunting). However that plan must be put on hold,for you see,(sigh)I have a higher calling.
I believe that my talents are better suited to helping newer players achieve a status to where they can stand on their own two legs.
My previous friends(class) have/has moved on...they have gotten...better than me.
(I have chaired a few clubs and personally believe i'm a decent leader)

With that said I have come here to simply ask you the new people if you guys need help(with anything at all).My previous friends never play with me anymore(either there not online or playing with other people)
I now wish to help you guys by(I guess) starting with bots, answering basic questions,and trying to have fun.(mentoring you/taking you under my wing w/e) then gradually working our way to pvp.

(little reminder,read the summoners code if you havn't so far its something ill think you'll like plus it greatly helps if we(whoever actually posts) all follow it.

If you were wondering about my character choices here they are-

Jungler-shaco,mordicaiser,yi (my least skilled role)

Mid-Diana,le'blanc,kassadin (prefered role)

Carry-tryndamer,yi,fiora(mayb (usually dont go carry ever since i can only do it with melees,no ranged eg. cait,vayne therefor if you wish to learn to play or wish to fulfill this role fell free)

Support-soraka,kayle (im always going support for some reason,guess its cause everyone else always calls all other roles first,has allowed me to get quite good at it though,also if you could shoot me up with a guide to some awesome ward points that would be good too,ty)