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Tactical Gaming Is Now Recruiting!

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TG Kripture

Senior Member


Tactical Gaming - an international gaming community which will be entering it's 8th year in service early this November. You might've heard about performances of our members and squads in ladders and tournaments for Call of Duty, Halo, Starcraft and other games, and last year we have expanded into League of Legends.

Tactical Gaming was envisioned to be the place for like-minded gamers, spreading across three major platforms - PC, PS3 and 360, as well as being the gathering place for players from all over the world - world - Americas, Europe and Australasia.

Currently we support a plethora of warfare-based games, including Gears of War, Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, M.A.G., Starcraft, BRINK, Killzone, Homefront, Crysis and SOCOM franchises, and, of course, League of Legends. In case you are interested in sports or racing games, we also play NHL, Forza, Madden NFL and Need for Speed as part of our Tactical Sports franchise.

What would we expect from a potential recruit? First of all, maturity and dedication - while we have members of all ages(16+), we do have certain standards which should be followed. We also hold two mandatory practices each week, so make sure you have time for those. Each practice is conducted through TeamSpeak (or, in case with consoles - built-in voice chats ), so a working microphone is a must.

What can we offer you? Looking for a place to hone your skills, raise in ELO or just become a better gamer overall ? Our experienced members will gladly help you out with any aspects you want to concentrate on. Are you a casual or competitive gamer ? Whatever your preferences are, we have squads that will suit your style. Interested in taking up a leadership position ? We are constantly looking for new members who are interested in becoming Squad Leaders and Squad Assistants - this also can serve as a stepping stone to further promotions within TG, so take your chance.

We, as a clan, like to excel in the battlefield as a team. That is why we have competitive squads. If you are the type of player who enjoys the pressure of a competitive environment and the teamwork of elite, experienced players, then look no further. Our goal in the Fields of Justice is merely to strive towered reaching high ranking in the ladders (which we have done before in other game franchises). If you do not feel you have the required skill level for this type of squad, we, as like-minded gamers, will provide tips, tricks and strategies on the forums or in-game to improve your overall gameplay.

We also provide casual squads (better known as Structured Squads, or ST for short). These squads are for the less-skilled members that want to just enjoy the game as it is around a group of friendly gamers just like yourself. These squads aim towards improving the teamwork and all around skill of members.

Tired of immature people replying to a simple question you have about the game or criticizing you of the way you play? Well, we provide provide headquarters/forums for our members. This allows us to communicate within your squad or everyone without interruption or abnoxity. Here we like to share our tactics and strategies or just anything related to the game.

Through the TG Sponsorship program, we are able to pay for and use our own TS3 server for practices and getting together. This helps greatly communicating and welcoming new members and making them feel at home without the need of taking time to type in game when ganking, calling MIA's, etc.

If you are a new player, we also provide lessons on everything in order to improve personal skill in-game. These lessons include jungling, warding, composition, and many more. This is just one of the many perks you get for being part of Tactical Gaming.

For those who enjoy competing for glory and prestige, as a new Division, we are working hard to set up tournaments in order to be known in the community. Meanwhile, we do not hesitate to improvise, so members create their own FUN tournaments within the clan such as 1v1 Solo Mid, 3v3, etc.

Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and PC), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a "friends-first" experience in the online community.


Microphone for communication on TeamSpeak
We communicate with each other during arranged team games using voice communication so that we can focus on playing and practicing, not typing. It also helps to develop a more personal relationship with the members in your squad/battalion and results in a much closer community, and makes the experience much more rewarding.

Ability to attend practices Sundays and Wednesdays, 8PM EST
Everyone is here to make friends and improve their gameplay, and practices are one of the many ways we get to know each other. They are also used to improve on things that you are having problems with in the game, so being able to attend at least one section a week every week is a must. For us, real life comes first, and we can make accommodations to a certain extent on an individual basis. If you think this might be a problem, just ask and we might be able to work on it.

Willingness to talk, make friends, and contribute to our community
We want people who can talk to, have a laugh with, and play games with. We also want people who contribute on our forums and to our community. We strive to build a community that like-minded gamers can be a part of and if you want, you can even go up and above by applying for a Squad Staff position, which allows you to lead and mentor your own squad.

Patience to finish a 20 minute familiarization test
Unlike other teams, we don't have a skill requirement to join. Instead, we only ask that you take 20 minutes of your time to learn the rules and regulations by taking a "Boot Camp" test. The test is generic and not completely related to LoL, as we have other game franchises as well. This test is to filter out the trolls, inpatient people, etc. This is because if you can't make it through this test, you probably don't belong with us. So, I'm sure all of you will have no problems with making it through.


Here are some important links to get you started:

Our Headquarters: http://www.TacticalGaming.net
A couple more reasons why you should consider joining TG: http://tghq.org/tghq/jointg.php
And a direct registration link: http://tw.tghq.org/index.php?act=Reg

Fill out an application, and let them know TG Envy referred you!
Just post here that you have applied just in case, we don't want any registrations to fall through the cracks. I will be here to help out anyone by answering questions or if you run into some problems. See you in the Fields of Justice!

Tactical Gaming, League of Legends Division, Squad Leader,
TG Envy

Wish you all the best of luck!

- Tactical Gaming LoL Division -

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TG Kripture

Senior Member



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TG Kripture

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Hey you may not know me, but I'm Dorb, long time TG member, I just been away from college. I joined TG back when BF2142 was still mainstream. Most of the guys like Zohar, and others like him. Anyways Give me an add In-Game so we can get together time to time!



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TG Kripture

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Massive bump up from the deeps.