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Dev's please fix this!!

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Heavens Dominion

Junior Member


Hello all,

This is an appeal to the Dev's concerning equalization of the Summoners Rift PvP playing field.

It is both obvious and an area of concern when PvPing on summoners Rift that the Purple team is at a serious disadvantage being on the top of the screen looking down (rather than being on blue team looking up).

I AM NOT requesting doing away with the blue vs. purple team's outright, but I AM appealing for a change in the layout.

Here is what I am envisioning:

The way that the blue team sees the game in PvP on their screen should be the same way that the purple team sees the game on their screen. In other words, it would not matter on screen, what team you are on because everyone would be viewing the battlefield the same way.

It would be like playing chess and turning the board around for each person so that they have the best view.


1. View, view, view.
2. Comfort for the player.
3. Integrated design (every tutorial, AI match, etc. is seen from bottom view, but on purple team suddenly your on top?) this way everything would be the same layout and format.
4. Massively reduced hiding spots for the enemy team (let's face it, I PvP quite often, we ALL know where all the right blind spots are due to the UI, screening, + Fog of War).
5. Statistics for ranked teams and for lower levels would be dramatically different.
6. An advantage over many other competitive MOBA games + word of mouth = more player fanbase = more sales for Riot, etc etc.
7. Basically everyone wins.

Anyway just a brief synopsis of my thoughts, please like so we can get this at the top of the list.

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Senior Member


The problem for this is, past the laning phase, the purple team disadvantage means a lot less, so I doubt Riot will make big changes.

It's definitely a good idea though.

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But what's the disadvantage? I don't care whether I play on purple or blue - it might take some getting used to, but if you unlock your camera there's pretty much no difference.