Issue with the game

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Stomp of God

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7 of my 20 last ranked games I have lost because of a troll, afk or rage quit. Cause of this stupid ass ****, I continue to be stuck in elo hell. Why do I even attempt solo ranked? You cant beat your own elo with a 4v5 but still my elo is punished with the loss of something I have no control over. I have less and less ambition to play this game. I can understand normal games but why in the hell am I punished cause of a dick in ranked? Can you please implement something that will allow us to get our elo back if we lost cause of an afk/troll? I can send you the lol replay where the ass clown sat at base for most of the game but still I am stuck in elo hell and have to deal with people like him because of people like him.