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whos your fav

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Heavens Dominion

Junior Member


Tough to say to be honest, There are so many good champs!


Uhhh.... I'm gonna have to go with Sejuani.

She is soo much fun to play with. I play her jungle status--counter jungling I like to jungle against mundo... He just cant run away!!! Hahaha....wait nobody can run away!! Sweet!!!! Pew Pew Pew...dead = GG!!

Gold generation/5 Quints
Flat armor Seals
Flat armor marks
Mag. Resist Per lvl glyphs
0/20/10 with masteries in both

Frozen heart, warmongs armor, banshees veil, Ninja Tabi, Shield, and Rod of Ages
Optionals: Guardian Angel, Rabadons, etc.

Sejuani FTW!!

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My favorite champion is Ahri mid. I don't have a favorite champion to fight against but I like taking on junglers. This is because when they try to gank Ahri's ult makes it easy to get out of the situation.

For runes I would go Marks of Insight, Seals of Replenishment, Glyphs of Force, and Quintessences of Potency
Masteries go 21-0-9