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(Darius) Noxian Guillotine and untargetable

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This might not be a bug, but I might be misunderstanding of how untargetable is supposed to work.

In my recent experience of playing Zed, I've had multiple occasions where using Death Mark on Darius while he is using Noxian Guillotine and still getting hit by Noxian Guillotine while in the animation which should be untargetable.

I'm confused to why and how this works now, but I know I've seen champions stealth/flash while Darius is using Noxian Guillotine and it breaks the ultimate animation, leaving the ultimate off cooldown, but I'm confused as to the mechanics of Noxian Guillotine and whether or not its supposed to follow through when champions become untargetable.

Any clarification on the matter?

Darius Ult->Shaco Ult->(Outcome?)
Darius Ult->Zed Ult->(Outcome?)

Ideally I would assume that if Darius uses his ultimate, and you become untargetable, it would break his ultimate (Cooldown or not?) and you wouldn't receive the damage.

Also I've been looking around the internet and it seems that other users have been experiencing Darius following through on his ultimate with untargetable on champions such as Vlad and Fiora.