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What do you think?

We need more badass females 637 28.88%
We need more crude, unrefined, gritty females 313 14.19%
All above. 858 38.89%
NO. 398 18.04%
Voters 2206 .

@IronStylus/Morello: [Subject] The type of female champions we're missing.

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Hmmm yeah I agree with the sentiment that there needs to be more badass female monsters. I was really excited for the release of Elise because I thought she would be a scary spider monster, and I could finally play a scary female. (I like to play scary or monster champs but they're all males like Cho and Kog.)

But then when I saw the final version, she just looked like a chick with big boobs and a stripper outfit. Oh, and some spider legs attached on her back. I mean, her spider transformation was cool and all, but that is not her default form, and I liked her lore and awesome start up page narration... but she was so sexualized it didn't seem all that monstrous.

And now Nami comes out with her fish skin peeled outwards so that some cleavage is shown... it just seems unnecessary.