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Minion Tagging = Fixed Support Roles?

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Yea, yea, new season 3 items. Either way I have an idea.

I've played a MOBA called SMNC and that game had a tagging system for it's minions. That is, if you did any damage to a minion within five seconds of it's death then you would get the minion kill just the same as anyone else who did so.

This game design influences teamwork in a cooperative way.

League currently uses a "last hit, first serve" system where you have to be the one to kill the minion to get anything. This means you compete with your lane partner for resources and so it is a competitive influence on your own team.

I'm not saying that's bad but I find it has the potential to cause rage and/or force item builds. I was laning with a friend as Nasus, a character like Veigar who needs to farm his Q. The problem is that if I'm going to farm my Q then my laning partner really has no alternative to giving me the last hits. However if a tagging system was implemented then this changes the situation entirely. I'd have to setup a combo for my laning partner so that they do damage to the minion and I use my Q to finish it.

My Q will still only get farmed if I get the last hit.

My ally can get a minion kill via tagging it within 5 seconds.

I will not earn any Q farm if I get the tagged minion instead of killing it myself.

That makes it a lot more friendly for laners like Veigar and Nasus to be in a lane with people as they can still farm their Q and give their laning partners equal lane presence down the line.

A big issue for supports is lane presence. A tagging system allows the to play even more of a support role to support characters like Veigar or Nasus while also keeping their gold flow coming. GP10 items could serve an entirely different purpose assuming the minion tag system was put in place and this in turn gives more item options for supports.

Keep in mind the following:

1. Skills that need farming still need the last hit to be farmed.

2. You have to hit the minion within 5 seconds of it's death (dealing any amount of damage) in order to also get the bonus XP and gold.

3. This turns your fellow laning partner into a cooperative partner rather than a competitive partner. This forms a stronger bond equivalent to leashing and adds more flavor to laning gameplay to make junglers and laners feel much more different.

4. It allows for an easier learning curve of last hitting. League is already plenty accessible but this would make the game a touch more so which isn't a bad thing I think.

5. Everyone gets a buff, games move faster. Characters all get a buff as everyone can last hit easier. This allows the games to move faster and allow players to make quicker plays and exchanges from last hitting to poking at your opponent. In turn this makes the game more exciting for the e-sports crowd and amps the intensity of the games.

I'm sure I'll get disagreements and I don't think this would ever be implemented. It's an idea for Riot to play with nonetheless.