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quetion about kha zix and rengar

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Junior Member


1. What changes did rengar had after nerfing, and did AD rengar got buff?
2. Did kha zix got nerf or buff ? if so, what changes did he get ?
3.Is AD rengar stronger than AP rengar now after got nerf hardly?
4.Which is the better jungler? Kha zix or rengar ?
5. If Im playing rengar in lane, should I play AP or AD?

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Senior Member


1: AD Rengar has received no buffs, the ratio on his empowered Q ability went down from 2.5 to 1.5 total AD and his stealth time went down from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.
2. Kha'zix has received no changes that I am aware of.
3. They are different but AD is generally better. AP still works.
4. Rengar is a better camp clearer and doesn't have mana issues, but Kha'zix is very good at ambushing the enemy jungler
5. Probably AD, but whatever floats your boat.