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@Riot: Thoughts on fixing Pre-game Trollers

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Hey all, I'm sure others of you have thought this same thing, and there might even be a post about it, but one of the biggest problems for me is those peeps who troll the beginning during champ select. You know the ones. "I get mid or I Soraka Jungle with Surge and Promote." "Give me Cho or I feed." Those kind of things. They put a real downer on the game because these kinds of peeps are also usually the first ones to throw in the towel at the first sign of a possible loss for them. And to have to go through the whole game to report them, with the increase of a loss/loss of ELO here are my thoughts on how to combat this.

Once the players in a match have accepted and it moves to champ select. If there is a person who leaves during champ select (causing the players to go back into the queue) then a report gets sent for review. The reviewer could look at the pregame chat to see if there is any valid reason for the Dodge and in the case of a troller mentioned above, they could get punished in the same way the tribunal does.

Granted I don't know how your reporting system works, or how hard it would be to implement. However, if it was possible, in order to cut down information overload, reporting only the chat, champ select, summoner spell select for the team that had the dodger would probably cut down on some of the mess.

Then possibly it could be implemented into the tribunal, maybe as a second option for Game Dodging where the reviewers could pick if it was a troller or someone just having something happen, and then punish a specific player accordingly.

At any rate just my two cents Upvote or Downvote to your hearts content. Just sharing my ideas. ;o)