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in season 3 you should be able to give/ donate gold to other plays

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I was thinking that in season 3 they should make it where you are able to to give un-needed gold to other players, what if you are fed and have a full build, the weak point in the game is just dieing and is unable to do anything then its making the game a 4 v 5 or then there is the people who are just not having a good game and cant do anything cuz they are unfed and in need of gold or a suport picks up a kill and doesnt need all the gold can share it with the team and as league is based off dota and this is a dota feature and a dota player my self i find this being a good idea to the game and help people help there team and works well with people trying to get a helpfull ribbon even is there is like a 10% fee to giving gold