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Udyr Stun not gaining tower aggro

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So enemy malphite is at his tower with low health. Friendly graves, morgana, and udyr go in to tower dive. Udyr goes in first and stuns malphite in bear form. Graves starts shooting the stunned malphite, but tower shoots at graves, killing him in two shots since he was low. The first graves shot was not fired until after the swirly stun particle was above malphite's head. Normally i expect the melee stun to get the aggro. Is this correct? They were at base of tower so enemy malphite and friendly udyr were like touching the turret. Why did it not shoot at udyr who stunned the enemy under turret? Could it be that the tower was shooting at a minion when the stun happened, but graves shot malphite before the next tower shot? Even then, shouldn't the aggro go to the first person to attack enemy under turret, regardless of turret firing cycle?