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Dear Riot and co,

LOL is an epic game. Competitors from all over the nation fight in the battle of justice. One side wins and the other loses. What do we all fight for?Glory, honor, fame. Some fight for experience. So be it. Winners get it all. And losers gain a tragic loss. and RIOT simply sets up the show and enjoys it from a far. Nothing wrong with that.

Well.... the problems come in when there is no balance. No, I am not talking about the balance of the champions.That's a different topic thats been and will be discussed forever. I am addressing the imbalance of team users. When one or more users are AFK, the one side is predestined to win while the other is predestined to lose. This is not fair! Well RIOT will say LIFE is not FAIR. Yeah I get it. But what about the life in LOL?

OK, RIOT, can you please explain what the losing side is playing for if one of their team members is not present? PRIDE? XP? Stats? maybe a rare VICTORY(may the odds be ever in your favor, no I dont believe in fairy tales, and this is not hunger games, ok I agree a victory is of rarest possibility)? RIOT, you are so just and wonderful.

But seriously, we know that you punish the AFKers(or at least this is what you say). But the team members are not worried about that, well at least not in that moment. The major problem is that they are hugely punished for something they had no control over.
Yes your HONOR, please do take away 30 to 40 elo points away after this tragic loss cause this is what we deserve for being outnumbered and fighting so hard in the field of justice.

This is so illogical! Why in the world should predestined losers take a such a huge hit? RIOT overlooks their efforts and rewards them with -30 elo points?

IT all comes down to this: the fact is that RIOT is punishing the loosing side much harshly than AFKers, how sad is that? There are so many players are tired of this nonsense and ridiculous punishment!

"Your punishment must be more severe. When the Field of Justice is ashes...Then you have my permission to die!"

But seriously, RIOT , please reevaluate this issue and fix it. The reason being is that even losers need an encouragement and extra motivation to go and compete again and again even after having AFKers for three games in a row sometimes in a day, which I personally experienced it.


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reminds me of season 2 had 7 leavers in a row/ went down to 900 elo.