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Nunu and Skarner ultimates

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Over the last few days, I've had a few problems with Nunu's ultimate and Skarner's ultimate. To be a bit more precise:

- Was playing him as support
- Ran with team to dragon
- Enemy Malphite ulted us to engage a fight
- Enemy Sona Crescendoed us
- Since Malphite and Sona were the only two champions that could potentially interrupt my ultimate, I used it after they both used theirs. No other champions on their team had anything that could interrupt my ultimate
- Upon casting and starting to channel my ultimate, Nunu started glitching around, perhaps 4 to 6 times. Each time I glitched around and changed location was about the same as getting hit with Draven's push... thingy (I'm obviously not a Draven player). Needless to say, Nunu's ultimate stopped channeling immediately

- Play him regularly
- His ultimate seems to only have a 50% chance of it actually connecting
- Example of what I mean: I was in a ranked game, and there was an overzealous Amumu and Olaf. Amumu was sitting in the tri-bush (mind you that I was on purple team), so I assumed there was to be a tower dive. I waited back by my double golems to go and countergank. Amumu started taking turret hits and I ran in to Impale him so that he would die from the turret, potentially saving my teammate Yorick. Skarner's cast animation went through, sound played, but nothing actually happened. It's not like Amumu had a Banshee's Veil. I'm also positive I didn't Impale Olaf by accident (he was actually out of range).

Perhaps these are just flukes? Anyway, I just figured that I would report it in case.