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leaving the Queue early issue

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not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes.

i recently queued up for a ranked game, eager to get some more Elo.... 2 of the other players begin acting immature, flaming the person incharge of bans because they dont agree with his or her bans, calling everyone noobs... ECT.... so not wanting to have a game with them because i can see it going horribly wrong i exit out of LoL... only to find out i have to wait 30 minutes to join queue again.... i think riot should put in a why did you leave queue prompt/report this player for making you want to leave the queue and if it due to other people then i dont think you should have to wait 30 minutes.

i now will go get ready for work Early instead of getting some LoL in because i got basically forced to leave the queue due to immature jerks flaming, trolling, and making me think the game would go horribly because of my team mates.

please review this and if its possible pass it around to the right people if you find this a reasonable issue/suggestion/idea.